Article 1 - Name and Head Office
1.1 The European Coordination of Unions shall be known as Air Traffic Controller's European Unions Coordination (ATCEUC).
1.2 The Head Office of ATCEUC shall be located at ATCEUC C/O MERITIUS,431 avenue Georges Henri, 1200 Brussels, Belgium.
1.3 The Executive Board may decide to move the Head Office to another location or address within the same country. The modification of the location or the address of the Head Office within the same country will not involve a constitutional amendment.
1.4 Any address change of the ATCEUC Head Office shall be immediately communicated to all Member Unions.
Article 2 - Objectives
The ATCEUC objectives are those approved by each Member Union when signing the Coordination Agreement as follows:

2.1 The recognition of the specificities of the Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) profession;
2.2 The achievement of maximum safety, together with the best quality of service;
2.3 The formal guarantee of the recognition of the ATCO Career;
2.4 The formal guarantee of a high level of professional qualification;
2.5 The protection of ATCOs regarding the legal responsibilities involved in their work in an environment of Just Culture;
2.6 The harmonisation of equipment and procedures;
2.7 The defence and reinforcement of the free exercise of Union rights.
Article 3 - Methods
The objectives as identified in Article 2 shall be pursued by:
3.1 Submitting to their Members a comparative report on the working and employment conditions of ATCOs in Europe;
3.2 Preparing common propositions and policies and presenting them to the appropriate Authorities or Agencies;
3.3 Co-operating closely with International Controllers' bodies following similar policies and/or issues of ATCO concern;
3.4 Representing Member Unions in the framework of International Institutions and other specialised Agencies whose activities affect the social and working conditions of their membership;
3.5 Representing Member Unions in the framework of the European Social Dialogue;
3.6 Providing support and assistance to Member Unions as appropriate in times of difficulty;
3.7 Assisting Member Unions, if requested, in their relations with their National (or equivalent) Authorities.
Article 4 - Membership
4.1 Eligible for affiliation as a Member Union is any professional Union representing Air Traffic Controllers, established and functioning within the framework of international legality, whose objectives are essentially the same as those of the ATCEUC, that is in a position in its respective geographic area of activity to negotiate legally binding social and working conditions for their individual members.
4.2 Eligible for affiliation as an observer is an ATM related organization, established and functioning within the framework of international legality, invited by the EB to attend the open session of the committee meeting. The observer organization is able to make comments during the open session
4.3 Affiliation is subject to the formal approval of the Committee Meeting in accordance with ATCEUC Rules and Standing Orders.
  4.4 The Committee Meeting’s resolution shall not be substantiated.
4.5 Voting rights and voting procedures are to be applied in accordance of the ATCEUC Rules and Standing Orders
Article 5 - Obligation of Membership
Affiliates agree to accept the following obligations:
5.1 Observe ATCEUC's Statutes, Rules and Standing Orders, and the policies, decisions and agreements that are taken in accordance with these.
5.2 Support ATCEUC's activities and work for the implementation of its decisions.
5.3 Meet promptly requirements for the payment of annual subscription and any other levies in accordance with Article 7.
Article 6 - Loss of Membership
6.1 Member Unions can be suspended or expelled by the Committee Meeting in accordance with ATCEUC Rules and Standing Order. In the event of suspension or expulsion, the concerned Member Union will be summoned to present its defence at the next Committee Meeting.
6.2 Withdrawal from affiliation with ATCEUC can take effect only on the occasion of an ATCEUC Committee Meeting. Notice of intention to withdraw from affiliation must be communicated in writing to the First Vice-President no less than one month prior to the Meeting.
6.3 The Committee Meeting’s resolution shall not be substantiated.
Article 7 - Finance
7.1 The annual membership fee to share the expenses among Member Unions shall be determined by the Committee Meeting at the autumn meeting, in accordance with the guidelines as stated in the Financial Rules.
7.2 The Board of Executive Officers shall be empowered in exceptional circumstances to impose an additional special levy or, in special circumstances to give an organization a temporary deduction on its membership fees.
7.3 The Committee Meeting shall appoint an Audit Board in accordance with the ATCEUC Rules and Standing Orders
Article 8 - Committee Meetings
Twice a year all Member Unions are called to meet. Those meetings are the ATCEUC Committee Meetings.
Each individual attending Committee meetings shall be mandated by his/her Union to do so.
Special Committee Meetings may be called in accordance with ATCEUC Rules and Standing Orders.
Article 9 - Board of Executive Officers
9.1. The Board of Executive Officers (Executive Board) shall be responsible for managing the affairs of ATCEUC in the period between Committee Meetings.
9.2 The Executive Board shall consist of an odd number of members, with the minimum of five. The Member Unions on the Executive Board are subject to election by the Committee Meeting in accordance with the Rules and Standing Orders.
9.3 The Executive Board shall be composed of:
  • 1.A President,
  • 2.A 1st Vice President,
  • 3.A 2nd Vice President,
  • 4.A Treasurer,
  • 5.At least one other officer.
It is possible for an Executive Board member to hold two functions at the same time, with the exception that the function of president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president and treasurer may not be held by the same person.

9.4 The Executive Board and/or the Committee Meeting may submit a non-binding list of candidates for nomination to the Executive Board. The list of candidates should be made known to the Member Unions no later than 8 weeks before the Committee Meeting.
9.5 An Executive Board member who stands down is immediately eligible for re-election.
9.6 Notwithstanding previous statutes, an Executive Board member can, at any time, be dismissed or suspended by a Committee Meeting decision. If, after the next Committee Meeting, a suspension is not followed by a dismissal, that suspension is considered to be ended.
9.7 Membership of the Executive Board is immediately ended by discontinuation of a Union’s membership of ATCEUC and/or by resignation of the elected officer.
9.8 A vacancy in a function caused by the resignation or dismissal of an Executive Board member shall be filled at the next Committee Meeting in accordance with the ATCEUC Rules and Standing Orders
Article 10 - Dissolution of ATCEUC
10.1 ATCEUC can be dissolved only by a three quarter majority vote of all Member Unions in writing.
10.2 Any decision to dissolve ATCEUC must also determine the manner of disposal of the finances and assets of ATCEUC.
Article 11 - Alteration of Statutes
These Statutes may not be altered or amended except by a two-thirds majority of a Committee Meeting.
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